About Insight Speaks

Insight Speaks is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our mission and vision are to provide quality consultancy and training to our clients. We provide in-depth 360 knowledge and understanding of the phenomena for which our clients hired our services. Overall, our mission is that organizations take competitive advantage of their human resources. We align organizations’ human resources with business goals. And, our vision is to develop a trustworthy relationship that lasts for a longer period.

We provide management development services through ‘InsightTalks’ and Workshops. We also provide consultancy in the areas of Position Analysis, Conflict Management, Managing Diversity, and Recruitment and Selection.

Training and Development

Training and Development is the lifeblood for learning organizations. Statistics show that learning organizations spend $1,103 per employee per year and offer 28 hours on the training and development of their employees. They spend the amount because they see it as an investment to develop the right skills in their participants. Training and development is useful for all managerial levels, however, the style varies according to a level of the position. Training and development programs have different forms, including lectures, workshops, and confidential one-to-one coaching.

Similarly, hiring external consultants is not an uncommon phenomenon in learning organizations. The reason for hiring external consultants is to give relief to your full-time managers who are quite busy in handling day-to-day affairs. Another, point of the usefulness of hiring external consultants is evident from the point of psychological conditioning. Those who are working inside the organization, they are so much conditioned that they may not be able to pinpoint the key points, which are dysfunctional. Besides, they may adopt political silence owing to their cordial relationship within their networks. External consultants do not enter with these limitations.

Our Professionals

InsightSpeaks have qualified professionals who are experts in their fields. They have a strong theoretical background, as well as a great understanding of complex business issues. It is a myth that theories and day-to-day functions are two separate domains. They are two sides of the same coin. Human being’s life is influenced by theories that they appreciate. Thus, a strong theoretical base is key for consultants. And, our consultants are masters of understanding theories and their application.


We have our standard programs as well as willing to develop tailored made programs as per the demands of our clients. We are more than willing to discuss the options of mutual cooperation without any obligations. For further enquires, you are welcome to contact us through email, phone, or our website contact form.

We provide individual and collective training programs through ‘insight talks’, ‘workshops’, and ‘individual coaching’.

We offer both face-to-face and virtual training through Skype.

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