Gallop report shows that only 13% of employees worldwide are committed and engaged at work. It further tells that one-third of employees leave organizations due to their manager. What does it reflect? It shows that managers may be highly competent on technical sides but they are weak in managing people. They do not pay sufficient attention to the attitudes and behaviors of employees in organizations. Of course, if managers ignore human resources it is not possible to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in organizations.

Firms still show more concern about rational and technical issues without appreciating that organizational outcomes are results of human beings. Managers spend the most time in rational activities such as planning, organizing and controlling and ignoring that organizations are social entities. They excessively busy in managing rational processes without realizing they losing or disengaging productive employees.

Managers ignore that the pressing problem of organizations is employee commitment, engagement and disengagement. They forget building meaningful relationships, beyond manager-subordinate, can improve productivity, efficiency and financial outcomes. Insight Speaks work with employee’s engagement, organizational culture and identity and well-being that leads to the development of effective managers.

About Insight Speaks

Insight Speaks is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our primary mission is to improve communication and relationships between participants of all levels. Communication and trust are the key elements that build relationships in organizations. 

We build relationships between employees and managers to create a culture of wellness in organizations. This we achieve through improving insightfulness – the ability to look inside and appreciate the realization to resolve the issues. We improve the insight of individuals and groups through the following programs:

        • One-on-One insightful conversations
        • Insightful talks/refreshers on selected topics

Insight-talks and Insight-conversation help to improve and recognize strengths. What are your strengths? Your strengths consist of natural talent, skills and knowledge. Individuals, at times, do not recognize their own and others’ strengths. Insight Speaks helps individuals to design a process to recognize those strengths instead of paying excessive attention to weaknesses.  When individuals know and use their strengths, they are more engaged and show higher performance. Attending insightful talks or holding one-on-one insightful conversations help individuals to recognize their strengths.

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