The simple message of Total Quality Management is that trust your employees and empower them instead of treating them as a schoolmaste

A meaningless frivolous changes and unnecessary interference in others’ work, and unnecessary monitoring means that a manager does not have a meaningful work, therefore, he/she has adopted activities to make him/her busy, but not productive.

As a manager, you cannot force your workforce to be engaged. You have to gain their respect. Rely less on your positional power, and rely more on your informal power.

Consequential leaders make promises to transform the system to gain popularity, but after gaining power they exploit the established norms to strengthen their authority.

Successful and innovative organizations do not merely follow labor union agreements and laws, but go beyond that to gain engagement from their employees.

Authentic leaders are high on emotional intelligence. They are self-aware, they know their emotions and manage them, and they have ability of empathy. They care for others, and they are not only concerned about their own self-