From social to financial unethical behavior is common in organizations, hence, it is recommended that annual ethics training should be mandatory.  Organizations should build strong ethical cultures, from hiring to performance management, discipline, and pay decisions. It should be noted that acting responsibly is more than compliance. It is not sufficient to simply follow the law but exceed the spirit of the law. The ethical behavior of managers, as well as, employees is essential to keep the integrity of an organization.  One bad decision can cost a huge amount of financial loss and create news in a negative way for the organization.

It is important that organizations create ethical standards that focus on honesty and positivity. The hiring process is the first step to promoting ethics in organizations, thus, the ethical hiring process must be stressed. The process should be genuinely without discrimination. Employees should be encouraged to interact with colleagues and subordinates respectfully. Indecent language and words should be discouraged even if they are not directly directed to someone. Similarly, seniors should be reprimanded if they display rude behaviors towards their subordinates (even to those subordinates who are not very productive).  In order to improve ethics, address employees’ grievances.  There should be a window where people can report unethical actions anonymously. The following steps should be followed to promote ethics in organizations

  1. Develop a detailed code of conduct for everyone and ensure that the standards are available to all.
  2. Arrange training sessions at regular intervals at least once annually.
  3. Published a detailed report on ethical and unethical actions and behaviors during a year.
  4. Allow employees to report anonymously unethical behaviors or misconduct that they faced or observed
  5. Recognize efforts of outstanding performance and holding the ethical standard and decent behaviors.
  6. Conduct surveys to assess the required changes.