I have recently observed two Danish managers in the same company. One of them was usually a 9-5 manager. Some of the characteristics of 9-5 managers are mentioned below.

  • 9-5 Managers pay close attention to whether employees are at work during the office hours regardless of a productivity level.
  • They deliberately make sudden visits to control work time of employees. The purpose is to develop fear among employees so that they stay at work during office hours, even they have completed the tasks. (Don’t think, employees are stupid that they do not know how to handle it).
  • They are very curious to find anything wrong with the performance even if everything is done according to the job description.
  • They are very conservative in giving financial rewards to employees, and fight for each cent.

The question is, does it really pay off? The simple answer is no. Productivity stays the same or goes down. Employees individually and collectively devise strategies to handle such managers. Those managers who believe in productivity and end-results supervise quite differently.