Nadeem Yousaf (Principal Consultant)

Nadeem Yousaf has more than 20 years of work experience. He held senior positions in corporate sectors, as well as he taught and supervised master level students in business academic institutions.  He has been exposed to international business at a very young age and worked in different countries, including Australia, Norway, Denmark, Oman etc. He extensively travelled to conduct business in Europe and Asia. He also worked as management consultant and delivered inspiring lectures to managers.

Yousaf has completed education from the University of Bergen, Norway. He studied subjects such as Organizations and Management, Psychology and Philosophy. He wrote a thesis that falls in the field of Organizational Psychology. He demonstrated an outstanding ability and insight based on authoritative subject knowledge, and a very high level of technical competence. He strongly believes that application of theoretical concepts, theories and constructs, and one can only develop one develops in-depth understanding about them.

He has published his research in academic journals of leadership and organizations. In his cross-discipline research, he outlined the characteristics of  Consequential leadership,  Gestalt communication and importance of Mission and Vision, In addition, he has published Op-Ed articles in various newspapers. Currently, he is working on his book under the title, Gestalt Communication, emotional intelligence and effective leadership.

Yousaf takes keen interest in reading books of different disciplines such as politics, communication, sociology, psychology and managing people. According to him, social scientists and trainers must have broad reading to understand human behavior, which is complex phenomenon. His famous quote is, “social relationships are not 2+2=4 phenomena, nevertheless, it does not mean that we cannot learn to understand others’ behaviors.” For more information about him, you are welcome to visit his personal website