Effective Leadership Training

A senior manager complained, I hired someone for his long experience and enthusiasm, but he is not performing well according to my expectations. A business consultant replied, hire slow, fire fast.Of course, effective leaders do not act in this manner.

Leadership does not mean to use authority to get things done. It means influencing others and generating willingness to contribute in achieving organizational goals. Effective leaders not only motivate, but also engage employees, which ultimately improve employees’ loyalty and engagement.

Effective leadership is not a personality trait, but a learned ability to manage people. It is a myth that extroverts are good leaders. You can be an extrovert, but a poor leader.  Ghandi is a best example. He was an introvert. He was a lawyer, but a timid who was unable to represent his clients in the court of the law. Later, he became a world renowned leader when he recognized his leadership qualities.  All can be effective leaders, if they are willing to.
We believe systems do not change unless individuals are willing to examine and transform  their own behaviors. To influence and transform others, authenticity of leadership is important. Our authentic transformational training programs offer opportunities to modify from current leadership style to more inspiring style of leadership.

We also believe that excellent leaders are excellent learners.  Good leaders learning to learn abilities are always alive. Learning leaders are always willing to learn, and believe in that there is always a room for improvement.  In our effective leadership training programs, we enhance your leadership qualities.  In this program, we give you an insight how you can be a better and more effective leader that will not only help to enhance your followers’ skills and a level of satisfaction, but also improve their performance. For more details, please feel free to contact.

One-to-one Executive Leadership Coaching

The one-to-one executive coaching program will be designed after understanding your individual needs. A program design according to your individual needs does not mean that we will be there to speak what you want to hear. Rather, we act impartially to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

It will be a multi-dimensional coaching program. We work with you to review your SMART goals.  We review the activities that you might admire, but they are actually a waste from the perspective of lean management. We work with you to improve your communication and relationships, even with those employees whom you think that they difficult to handle. These difficult subordinates may be more productive than what you think. We work with you to manage conflict effectively tough employees and management of conflicts.

Our goal will be to develop an authentic charismatic transformational leadership in you. We will take you from your current stage to a higher stage of leadership. You are more than welcome to contact us for an informal meeting without any obligation and charges.