Mutual Communication

I was furious to be called for individual meetings again and again for the same reason. I told my managers many times that I have adopted several strategies to satisfy my clients within the standard professional standards. Two of the senior managers even monitored my performance She could not point out any negative issue in handling my clients. I did to satisfy clients according to the professional standards. However, I assume that the management expected more than this to satisfy the investors. Although, she never stated openly to cross the professional standards, but the message was clear.  At the last meeting, I openly asked her, either tell me the changes that I should introduce or stop calling me for meetings for this issue again and again.  I took one day to think, but the following day I sent my resignation.  Although, she rang me and offered me to reconsider my resignation, but I did not.

This is not a sole example.  Organizations are full of such examples, therefore, classical and contemporary research from different fields show that communication is vital and spinal cord for a relationship. Improper communication can turn a formal entity into neurotic organization. It can spoil relationships. Consequently, whether managers admit or not, many talented employees resign. If they stay, they consciously or consciously lose commitment towards their work, what is termed as continuance commitment.

Many managers are egocentric they cannot see beyond their own needs. Many managers falsely think that they are the best communicators. Many managers are very keen to improve their relationships, but they ignore the factors that can help to improve mutual communication.

This training lecture is for learning managers – managers who are open to others point of view.  In this training program, we go in depth to clarify the factors that make communication effective and ineffective. We clarify the concept of Gestalt communication and provides tips to improve mutual communication in organizations.  The lecture will indicate, how can you understand whether or not people are annoyed with you. For further information, please make a call to arrange a meeting.